Expert Energy Healing Secrets Revealed

The online course that takes you from total newbie to Energy Ninja within a few weeks.


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If you're done surfing and youtubing Energy Healing and ready to gain the knowledge and confidence to start your own practice, then this IS the course for you.

Expert Secrets

And what if this was possible without...

Spending thousands of dollars on dozens of different courses

Going through every single book ever published on Energy Healing

Requiring you to do things that don't align with your CORE values & beliefs

Get my entire system to do energy healing for friends and family or start your own healing practice within a matter of weeks.

Do you feel like you were born to be an energy healer, spiritual leader, or an intuitive guide?

Being an empath, a light-worker and a conscious human being, means there's something about you that makes you different than 99% of people in the world.

Deep inside, something keeps whispering to you to step into your role as an spiritual intuitive and participate in the global shift in consciousness that is currently underway.

You've been through difficult, heart-wrenching times in your life that have prepared you for this role. And now you're ready to spend your life changing lives and helping others heal.

What if you had a step-by-step process to guide you so you felt confident in your ability to not only do energy work on a deeper level but to start your own healing/spiritual practice.

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A proven system that helps you transform lives, and allows you to earn an income doing something you LOVE.

Look I get if you're skeptical... But it IS possible to become a Spiritual Guide or Healing Practitioner and start seeing clients quicker than you ever thought possible...

And the only reason why so many people struggle to grasp the concepts

around energetic principles is because the information available is either...

SUPER simple and surface level OR

SUPER complex and way too complicated

The problem with simple or surface level...

You're given a bit of information and then left stranded. And with a vague understanding of the subject, you can never become confident and competent.

The problem with complex and complicated...

You're bombarded with information about topics like...





Crystals and more

In such a way that you don't have a proper system, leaving you even more overwhelmed and intimidated than when you started.

And what do you do when you feel overwhelmed or intimidated?

You procrastinate... or worse do nothing and stay right where you are doing what you've always done. Clearly somethings not working or you wouldn't be here now.

Now that we know you're looking for something more, the real question is...

Is there a way for people who are looking for an in-depth, yet simple understanding of the energy and spiritual work to be trained in a systematic way?

The answer is YES!

Before I reveal a comprehensive, yet easy step-by-step method to finally become a POWERHOUSE spiritual or healing practitioner, let me ask you...

How would your life change IF You...

had the skills  & confidence to spend a few sessions with someone and they never had to struggle with self-sabotage or self-doubt again.

​could give your clients more clarity than they've ever experienced before

​knew how to "program" your clients to get into the FLOW state on command and stay there as long as they wanted.

​could easily align daily actions of even the most challenging clients with their end goals within a matter of minutes

​could almost guarantee that your clients will start having amazing results after a single session with you.

What's Included

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A solid foundation of the basics that will help you gain a better understanding of the deeper concepts that follow.

• Science & History
• Neuroplasticity
• Epigenetics
• Quantum Mechanics

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Master your mind and use it to your own and your client's benefit. Increase intuition, muscle testing and more.

• Master the Mind
• Increase Intuition
• Muscle Testing & Kinesiology
• Self Care

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Following this module, you'll be well on your way to mastery and confidence of the different energy systems.

• Chakras | Auras
• Meridians | Energy Grid
• Primary Rhythms | Radiant Circuits
• Celtic Weave

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Discover the tools and techniques to turn dreams and desires into reality with ease for you and your clients.

• Creative Visualization
• Faster EFT
• Healing & Forgiveness
• And several others

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Locating and removing blocks, as well as compliance. Giving you the power and ability to reset, press pause, & recharge.

• Locate & Remove Energy Blocks
• Legal/Ethics & Integrity
• Disclaimers
• A Place of Service

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How to create a space with a welcoming vibe that feels sacred, keeps you supercharged, fosters healing & more.

• Setting up your Space
• Playing with Energy
• More on Muscle Testing
• Power of Intentions

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Calling on Angels and Guides, working in the light, pain management & clearing sub-conscious patterns of self sabotage.

• Working in the Light & Protection
• Angels & Guides
• Deeper Visualization
• Physical Pain & Subconscious Blocks

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Pain management, conducting in-studio sessions and using crystals with confidence.

• In Studio Demo
• Pain Management Techniques
• Crystals & Balancing Energy
• Client Feedback Forms

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The secret of creating powerful affirmations with ease, advanced techniques, & doing effective sessions.

• Power of Affirmations
• Cord Cutting & Ancestral Clearings
• Dissecting the Assessment
• Connecting to Council

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Everything you need to know to start conducting client sessions so you understand how to apply your new knowledge and skills into actual client sessions with confidence, expertise, and ease.

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The resource library has additional resources, downloadable worksheets, links to articles and more.

Here's what you get when you enroll.

Lifetime access to 80+ videos of all modules (value $7,777)

Proprietary Worksheets and resource library (value $444)

​Exclusive FB group (value $333)

​Business Booster bonus short course (value $222)

Downloadable PDF Workbook of all modules (value $1,111)

Total course value: Over $9,000

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Hear It From Others

This is the life-changing investment that can give you the skills to have raving fans like these. If I can do it, so can you.

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Who Am I And Why Should You Learn From Me?

Hi! I'm Wendy

  • Founder of Balanced Energy University ™ & Wisdom and Woo, LLC™
  • ​Internationally Recognized Balanced Energy Practitioner/Instructor
  • ​Intuitive Healer, Author & Metaphysician
  • ​Hypnotherapist & Business Strategist, with an MBA
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I've spent the last fifteen years learning everything about the wonderful world of energy and an entire lifetime mastering personal growth & metaphysics.

Along the way, I've helped hundreds of individuals from all around the globe become more aligned and more successful in every aspect of their lives. With testimonials to back up my methods.

If your looking to gain the confidence and knowledge in energy work so you can apply the same proven methods with yourself and clients, you're in the right place.

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Balanced Energy University™ is an approved training provider with IICT

Course completion leads to an internationally recognized Certification in Energy Healing, accredited by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Graduates are eligible to apply for professional membership and practitioner insurance.

Following Course Completion, you will:

Receive a Balanced Energy Practitioner Certificate

Receive a Balanced Energy Practitioner badge to display on your website and in marketing material

​Be eligible to join the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)

Membership with IICT gives you access to member benefits, including discounted practitioner insurance in 26 countries.

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What are career options after I complete the training?

Most Balanced Energy Practitioners prefer to start their own practice but you can also work in partnership with chiropractors, acupuncturists, health spa's, fitness centers and many others.

How Is the Class Set Up?

After registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing everything you need to know to sign into the membership area and join the FB support group. You will have immediate access to week 1 and can start your training right away. Every 7 days (from the day you register), you will get the next weeks content.

Legal Requirements?

Every state is different, it is up to the student to research any legal and/or licensing requirements needed to practice energy healing, prior to signing up for the course.

What if I feel overwhelmed with SO much content?

The simple answer is that you wont feel overwhelmed. Every single module is super easy to absorb and easy to apply. And you'll have lifetime access to all the material so there's no need to rush or feel overwhelmed.

How much money would I make from my practice?

You can make excellent money, (I'll even share with you how I made over $4,000 in one weekend), but like every career, the financial gain will depend on several factors. Most importantly YOU. I can only share with you my experience and what I have done to create a global following of loyal clients who consistently refer friends and family - But I cannot guarantee your results, no one can.

Isn't all Energy Work just using law of attraction and manifesting?

No. Law of attraction and manifesting are just the beginning of deeper energy work. You'll learn a lot more advanced techniques in the course.



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